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In 1998, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Association & Alumni, Inc. (TCMAA) was established as a non-profit, tax exempt organization to promote the practice of acupuncture, to educate the public about acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, and to bridge the gap between Western medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine. Over the last nine years, TCMAA has branches in many states, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Texas, Maine and Florida.

TCMAA members have extensive training in acupuncture.  Those graduating from a Chinese medical college have an additional requirement of five-six years of training. 

TCMAA stands in a unique position in the American health care system, actively engaged in academics, in research, and in the practical application of traditional Chinese medicine.  It plays a crucial role in communication between traditional Chinese and Western medicine, attracting a growing number of Chinese medicine practitioners while as the same time establishing a strong presence in the medical and patient communities.

Over the next several years TCMAA will work diligently for the development of Chinese medicine, especially in the areas of education, research, and the facilitation of communication and cooperation between traditional Chinese and Western medical practitioners TCMAA will be a most important representative for traditional Chinese medicine in the United States, and the guiding force for the internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine.